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I read over this...

adding on here...


LET'S BE FRIENDS ... You talk about how you don't want to ruin a good friendship by letting it become more than friends. SCREW THAT! Where have you been at when it has been said time and again that many of the best relationships start out as friendships? Whenever I've gotten that line of bull, my first thought has been to tell them that the friendship is over, so let's date. Girls, if you don't want to date a guy, just flat out tell him. Don't pull the F word on him. Why? Because if you were a true friend, you'd care enough about his feelings to give it a shot and see how things work out instead of lying to him with that line of crap. This also includes those that say that they consider the guy to be like a little brother or anything else that is supposed to exclude any idea of dating.

It's not always lying.

When you're going out with them you know it's going to end sometime and you might not feel the same way about them as before because they've hurt you or whatever.

Like my ex thinks we're still friends and all but I still really hate him for the way he made me feel >.>

I cant look at him as a friend anymore and all trust is gone..

..sometimes it's best not to risk loosing one of your best friends just to try it out likes..


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