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Wow your mean! Women are not bad! At all..I should make a thing about Guys. Hah! Theres a good idea!!

Do it. Maybe it'll help us guys out with knowing what to do (or not do) with girls.


The reason I made that gripe list was so that girls could get a blunt idea to how they act even if it's not on purpose.


I remember this one girl that I liked. I never told her that I liked her (although I think I was a bit obvious without meaning to be). She had one time told me, in a general conversation something to the effect of either never getting married, or not getting married anytime soon (ie, before she's like 25 or so). Next thing I know, she's engaged and about to marry some dude that she's known for like a couple of weeks.


Another girl that I liked, and I thought she was pretty (even though I could see/understand why she didn't have guys asking her out). I had once asked her out and she agreed. Then "something came up" on the night we had planned. After that, she always avoided trying to reschedule another date. To make it worse, she was the nicer one of the two sisters. (I had helped her in a class she was taking, then her younger sister asked me for help with that same class). I didn't try asking out the younger sister, but then again, she seemed a bit stuck up, so it wasn't even worth the effort.


That's a small sample of how girls are self centered and take advantage of any situation. If the situation was reversed, if I were to do anything like what they did, I'd be called names and get fussed at for being uncaring, heartless, etc.


If a girl says one thing then does another, "oh well" and they get away with it.


If a guy does the same thing, then he's a lying creep (to put it kindly).


Think about that the next time a guy, especially one that you think is a loser, happens to approach you and managed to get the courage to ask you out. If you turn him down (but would have accepted if it was some other guy, namely one that you like), then you are the same kind of heartless girl and you can't deny it.


Now I dare you to honestly tell me that you have NEVER shunned a guy away before because of his looks or what your opinion of him is even though you don't really know him.

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Wolfie you have to understand that no woman or man is perfect. You cant have one perfect person..Lets say "Lauren" is beautiful but is not sex-obsessed, and doesnt like to do it all that often..(Who DOESNT like sex?) idk example. See? There is no perfect girl in this world.

You're missing my point entirely. The problem isn't perfection or not, it's that there is always something that is very shallow and self centered in how they decide who to date but then turn right around and complain that guys do it. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.


Girl doesn't want me to like her just because of how she looks? Ok that's fine, LET ME GET TO KNOW HER THEN! But I can't do that because she's already decided that MY looks don't appeal to her. Can't have it both ways.

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