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This isn't about anyone specific nor about everyone, it's more of a combination of a bunch of various girls that I have known over the years...


WARNING: This post contains references to sex several times, so if that topic upsets you the stop reading NOW.


Gripes that I have about women...


LIARS ... If you don't want to date me or whatever else, just say so. There's no need to say that you're not looking, seeing someone, kind-of-involved (meaning that you want a certain guy that doesn't know you exist), lesbian, not my type (you're female, you're my type, trust me), I'm not your type (if I'm the only one that understands you and tolerates you and I'm not your type, then who's left?), etc. The list goes on.


UGLIES ... If you're ugly then don't be picky. Yes I know it's harsh and shallow, but let's be honest here, if I'm the only guy that's showing you any attention at all, and it's not out of desperation, then why are you going to try to tell me that I don't "do it" for you in the looks department? What you mean to say is that you're a 1 living in the dreamworld where you think you can score with a 10. I got news for you, the 0's are even looking at you as the backup girl, so get over yourself.


BLINDIES ... These are the girls that have what they want but can't see it (nothing to do with physical ability to see). They want a nice caring guy that wants to be with them, spend time with them and treat them kindly. What happens for real? She shrugs of all the guys that are ideal for her, but then as soon as a jerk comes along, she's spreading herself for his pleasure and miserable because he treats her like crap. Who does she go telling all this stuff to wanting sympathy? You guessed it, one of her ideal guys. Geez, if boinking you in the bed is the way to earn your affection then let's go for it. Other than that, I don't want to hear about your constant failing relationships when you shoot down even the slightest hints of us going out.


SEXIFIED ... Yes the entire world knows that your a knock out and every guy is at attention for you, but if you're going to be beautiful, then please don't let it give you a snobbish attitude. As soon as you lose your looks, you're gonna be left behind like moldy bread, and all those guys that you were crappy to are gonna be the guys you start 'resorting to' for dates and attention. Yes, when they are no longer nice to you and treat you like crap, you better not complain because that ugly duckling that they were nice to all those years is also eyeing them. Guess which girl they're gonna go for if they are given the choice?


SEXILESS ... These girls couldn't look sexy if their lives depended on it. Ironically they're the ones that talk about it and the way they talk you know that they really are doing it. They're also the ones that flirt with everyone and make it 'known' that they'll do it with anyone... Except, of course, the one guy that is nice and deserves the pleasure (in this case, me). No, she doesn't stoop 'that low'.


UNSATISFIEDS ... This group of girls are those that give it up to the loser they are dating and then talk about how they get no pleasure from sex. Well you must get SOME sort of reward from it because you're laying down for the jerk. Not only that, but they also complain how it's always so quick. Well then, DUH, that's why you don't enjoy it. Get with a guy that will try to make sure that you are getting enjoyment as well and you might have a different opinion on it.


FORGETTERS ... If you promise that you'll go out with me next "IF" your relationship ends, don't act like you forgot. This is especially bad if I've been trying for your attention for several months and you keep making the promise, then vanish for a month or two and then when you return you either have a new boyfriend or just got out of yet another relationship and "just need some time". Doesn't matter though because you either claim that you forgot or thought that I changed my mind because you hadn't talked to me in awhile. Well DUH, you disappear so I can't get in touch with you then how do you expect for me to talk to you? Geez.


VIRGINS ... I'll try to keep it simple but it is a bit long. If you're a virgin claiming to be waiting for marriage and you've done just about everything BUT lose it, then you're full of crap. Don't try to spread that lie on me because yes I'll pretend to believe it, but I know for real that within 2 years from that point that you're going to have done it. You and I BOTH know it so why try to make that claim? Those claiming to be waiting for the right guy - what you mean to say is that you're waiting for a guy that you want to have meaningless sex with so that you can come crying on my shoulder saying how he used you for sex and you thought that he was the one. Well DUH, you did it to yourself and you knew you were doing it. Finally the non-virgin "born-again-virgins", you irritate me because every relation you get into you have sex (only to get dumped by the guy a week or so later), then when hanging out with me you are deciding to save yourself. But then *I* am the jerk if I point out that it's a bit unfair to suddenly decide that with me when you know that I wouldn't dump you because I'm a decent guy. It only makes matters worse when a few days later you date a guy you just met and the next day you are talking about how great it was with him (the sex that is) and how you're glad that you gave into him because he said he'd only go out with you if you'd give it up to him. (Then you get dumped by him a few days later and you wonder why it happens to you).


SEX-OBSESSED ... Ok, I don't care if you talk about it because it's all you want to do, or if you talk about it because you want everyone to know that you have NOT done it and that you really are waiting for marriage: YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH SEX! I actually know a girl that has never been kissed, is over 20 and talks constantly about how she's saving herself for Mr. Perfect. She drones on and on and on about how she's not going to have sex until she's married and so on and so forth. But yet if you tell her that she's obsessed with sex, she'll deny it and act like you don't know her. LOOK, I GET IT! You are a virgin and won't even kiss the guy on his cheek until after you two have been married for 5 years and not on the lips for another 5. You don't have to keep talking about it. If you keep talking about it then you are obsessed with it, period. There's no getting around it.


DRUNKETTES ... Yes, I'm going there... You girls are the ones that go to bars, get drunk, give it up to a guy that wants it and then in the morning are told to get lost in the morning because the guy is done with you. You cry about how you were treated by the guy (that turned out to be uglier than a decayed corpse) but yet you won't consider letting things happen with a guy that you know and that is nice to you.



Sorry, had to let go of some bloat and vent some frustrations. Of course I've been happily with my current girl for over 2 years now so I don't worry over this stuff anymore, but thinking back on things it still irks me some how I have been treated (this actually includes how I've seen some other decent guys being treated).

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adding on here...


LET'S BE FRIENDS ... You talk about how you don't want to ruin a good friendship by letting it become more than friends. SCREW THAT! Where have you been at when it has been said time and again that many of the best relationships start out as friendships? Whenever I've gotten that line of bull, my first thought has been to tell them that the friendship is over, so let's date. Girls, if you don't want to date a guy, just flat out tell him. Don't pull the F word on him. Why? Because if you were a true friend, you'd care enough about his feelings to give it a shot and see how things work out instead of lying to him with that line of crap. This also includes those that say that they consider the guy to be like a little brother or anything else that is supposed to exclude any idea of dating.


EXAGGERATED FLAW ... Too old, young, tall, short, white, dark, big, small, weird, normal, etc. My thoughts on this.. You're a prejudiced piece of work. What really gets me is when something like that has been used, and then a short period of time later, then end up dating someone that is even more (whatever). If I'm too tall for you and you date someone that is 6 inches taller than me.. Then isn't he even more "too tall" for you?


TRUE LOVE ... This is the load of crap that is used to explain why the girl dated a guy that was like me in such a way that she wouldn't date me or whatever else. For example, referring to the height, she started dating him because it was true love. Ok so what's your excuse a few months later when you are single again and you're digging for other reasons to not date me since the height is obviously not an option anymore? JUST BE HONEST DARNIT! It sucks to not be "your type" as it is when you are just being shallow, but gosh, don't lie on top of it. This also applies for when you hold me to certain standards and rules when we aren't dating but you let those virtues go out the window in the backseat of a car while the guy is saying, "maybe tomorrow my wife, kids and mistress will be gone and we can do it in the bed".. Again saying that it's true love with him. How about sharing some of that true love with me?!?


Sorry... Had to add it.



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