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Adults & underaged sex


Is it wrong for an older person to desire/imagine having sexual affairs with someone who is underaged?  

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How could anyone judge wether a thought is wrong or not???

A thought is not necessarly something that the individual thinking can control, much less what someone not giving the thought can.

Judging someone else's thought is the same as trying to control those thoughts--i.e. this thought is bad don't think it, those thoughts are good, do think them.

Would anyone who had posted like someone else to pass judgment on their thoughts, no matter what they are!


Furthermore, thoughts are a mechanism to express and analize feelings and experiences, and to ultimatly make sense of them. To suppress or repress our thoughts might lead us to go crazy, or to act impulsively. Ultimatly our thoughts define who we are.


I think, therefore I am...

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I think it is wrong to even think it. Not evil or anything, but wrong.


That young children can "fall in love" with much older people is something I'm sure has happened to a lot of people, myself included. However, it is very much wrong for an adult to take advantage of that or to nurture some kind of "secret feelings", imo.


13 year olds may know the feeling of love, perhaps, but very little of life. Such a young person would be so very vulnerable in a relationship with someone much older.


So, I think it is wrong in all situations.

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