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Adults & underaged sex


Is it wrong for an older person to desire/imagine having sexual affairs with someone who is underaged?  

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Why should it be wrong? If the feelings are mutual (that is, if they are felt by both people), there should be no problems. It shouldn't be illegal, it shouldn't even be classed as 'immoral'. It's just a case of big-wigs trying to tell everybody else how to live.


In the words Gabrielle Bahmer, you can't stop love.

So you're saying that a guy that is over 18 (say 20's or 30's even) should be allowed to get sexually involved with a girl that is under 18 (say 13 or 14, if not younger)?


If so, do you see any point when the younger person is too young? Or the guy is too old?


Perhaps I should update the poll to include an option that says it's there's nothing wrong with it happening at all?

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If they love each other, there's not a problem in my eyes, regardless of whether either person is too old or too young. I would say anybody above the age of 13 knows what love is, so they would know if they were in love.


Obviously they can't get sexually involved until the younger person is over 16, but if it was true love something like that wouldn't matter.

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hm.. thinking an acting are to different things. If they find the gurl or boy physically ir mentally atractive then u really can't do anything. But as far as making that desire a reality is something to think about. I mean if the guy has to much desire its like they could be thinking "she is so worth going to jail for". Ya know?
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