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Do you believe?


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simple free will "God" gave us so we as humans decide what to do with it --- if your talking about why a baby is born blind or with no limbs etc..... then I feel that genetics plays a key role. God has nothing to do with it I feel nada, nothing, zero. Edited by dream19
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I believe in god and that..

..but why would he put us through pain?

Why would he smash appart what he created.

i dun gettit.

I have 2 words for you... Population control.


What I say is not a justification for nor an endorsement of any horrific event (be it natural or planned), because loss of life or harm to life is always depressing... Any time you see some sort of 'disaster' on the news, think of it as a form of population control. Riots going on? People keeping the numbers down. Someone farts on a lit match and it blows up everything for a mile? Nature removing a group of people to make room for the future. You get the idea.


Of course, that's only a viewpoint from a higher perspective (one that can seem uncaring), because if you start considering how the world works, you realize that it's a sad part of life.


End result... If no one ever died, think of how crowded the world would be now.

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he gives pain so we learn from our mistakes.. and so we don't get to cocky.. for exampe in the future when you have a child and he is first learning to ride a bike without training wheels are you gunna let him fall or hold him up all the time so he never learns what its like to fall? You are gunna let him fall scrap something get hurt then get back up n try again.. thats the way God is with us thats how I see it anyway
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Fair explination.

I never really thought of it that way..


..but still

i see like gods teachings and the bible and stuff..

Like its

a personal profile

(i know :P)

Like you always tell the best things about yourself nd its never the WHOLE truth..

..but its not a lie either


you get me?

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