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Do you believe?


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No I do not believe it and I am not a big fan of the bible. It was written such a long time ago and by men in different languages and translated over time again by men. I have my faith but it does not include the bible. Edited by dream19
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You know, when the Holy Bible says that Jesus will come back for the 2nd and last time. It might've already happened.. He may be among us living, in a quiet way.


To me, I belive Jesus is ALWAYS us.. In our hearts, homes, everywhere. That's how the Earth lives..with the power of Jesus and GOD within us we made everything possible...

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There are certain people that use the bible to preach hate for example on the gay community. Wars have been fought over religious beliefs throughout time killing and using the bible and god as an excuse to go to war.


I do not read the bible anymore and I do not go to church especially the catholic church please hypocrites they way they cover up the fact that priests are and have molestied young children instead of having them arrested.


Religion for me is a joke.

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