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Do you believe?


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If it's just a book of stories how come people all over the world believe in it so strongly.. for that fact why do people believe in anything at all if it's just made up? That book has prophisised so much from when it was written that you are stupid not to believe it



The only fool I see on this entire forum is you dear. I am bored of you already please so bored.


Call me stupid fine I will make sure to report you then no one else here has ever gone outta their way to offend any one else we all try to understand each others beliefs etc..... no matter what. There you have it Wolfie this person is trouble.

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Is this not a debate forume? Am I not allowed to share my opinions as you are allowed to show yours? Just because I don't conform to your way of thinking doesn't make me "trouble" as you put it.. Oh and you can report me to Wolfie all you want but I discuss everything I'm about to post to him before I do it just to be sure I'm following his rules.. Besides I wasn't trying to offend anyone.. you took it as being offensive
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So long as it doesn't turn into a flame war, something illegal, etc, then even if someone is being a jerk, I prefer to allow them to have their say, wether I agree or disagree with what is said.


The "stupid" comment is walking the fine line though, so try to play nice. :)

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