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This summer


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now-5/11:     moving home & mother's day


5/12-5/16:    begin work (3 meetings), bro's b-day, retirement dinner for

                  friend/former teacher


5/17-5/18:    go to grandma's & build deck, cuz she wants one


5/19-5/23:    work & Eric's(cousin) 2nd b-day


5/24-5/25:    Memorial Day weekend -beach?!?!(i hope)


5/26-5/30:    work(at least 1 meeting)


5/31-6/1:      Family Reunion(dad's side) OR cousin's wedding(mom's side - in

                  CANADA - I HATE that drive!!)


6/2-6/6:        work, work, work


6/7-6/8:        Dad's company picnic - which I ALWAYS go to(I used to work there

                  and have a handful of friends there)


6/9-6/13:      work(meetings)


6/14-6/15:    maybe FINALLY get to hang out with my boyfriend?!


6/16-6/20:    work(the mother of all meetings x 2)


6/21-6/22:    maybe another break...


6/23-6/27:    more work and meetings


6/25-6/29:    once again...boyfriend time(hopefully)


6/30-7/3:      more work and meetings


7/4-7/6:       BEACH


7/7-7/11:      more work, crazy meetings, 2 yr anniversary w/wayne


7/12-7/13:    anniversary weekend


7/14-7/18:    more work, plenty of meetings


7/19-7/20:    parent's anniversary weekend...must be nice, loving daughter and

                 treat them to dinner with $ I don't have


7/21-7/25:   work, meetings, big project/report due, & Lauren's(roommate) birthday


7/26-7/27:    back up here for party weekend?


7/28-8/1:     work, meetings, big presentation


8/2-8/3:       might be free


...and that's as far as my planner goes for now...I need to get a new one...think I'll do that today....and we mustn't forget my school work for the class I'm taking...and if I get a second or third job...


School begins again on 8/25, I believe...


On a side note...this is extremely bizarre.  I NEVER, and I mean NEVER plan my life out to this extent.  I generally am not very good at planning...but I guess I better get used to it...because work calls for it.  I do like to be organized, though, so writing all that out does make me happy to some extent.  Anyway...that's all for now.  Hope everyone's doing well.  And any "grade school" people that read this...enjoy it while you still can...SERIOUSLY.  I tell my cousins that every chance I get, and they're FINALLY starting to listen to me...after witnessing what "being old" [like me] does to your life...hahahahaha.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I love the sun...and our pool.


I'm going to miss our pool.


And I'm going to miss Harrisonburg.


And the mountains.


I'm coming back up here soon to bring my cousins to the lake...and then here...and then I'm going to SHOW them our pretty campus.


And that is all.



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My mom's only at home to sleep.  Typically she tends to work FROM 9am to about 8 or 9pm...then she goes to my grandparents' house for dinner...and then it's home to bed.  Except on weekends.  And dad...he works FROM 5am to 3, 4, 5, or 6pm...probably 3 this summer since my brother will be working where dad works...and my brother is a lil' pansy, to say the least.  I do intend on seeing Dad every day so that we can go to the park and exercise.


8/2-8/3:    Gonna be in town, Monopolized?!   style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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