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Dating a Co-worker

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I think I could maybe get a hug out of her for the time being. She hasn't dated much in her life and she's not a physical person at all - I know it's not just because of me...and our situation. When it comes to hugs and such, not only her but her whole family don't do much of it. That's just the way they are.


I'll tell you what: I'll work on a hug for now. If that goes well, we'll see what else I can get out of her.



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As The Waffle House Turns - starring Sara, Anna, Melissa, Daniel, and Karen.


I gathered a few people this evening to meet up at Waffle House this evening. Blah, Blah, Blah.


All in all, I got the "I'd date you but I like guys." when I dropped her off at home after our evening out. But, hey, life goes on...



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Yeah, FROM what I gathered FROM the conversation, she'd date me if I were a guy.


Either way, she still doesn't have a problem with me liking her. She's dang sure full of mixed signals. Just yesterday she came INTO the garden shop because I had bought her a candy bar and she wouldn't take it - claiming I was making her fat. Anyhow, a couple hours later she comes strolling in with the candy bar and throws it at me to catch. I told her to keep it and such. Again, "No, I'm getting fat. I'm already starting to gain weight." This ended up in throwing the candy bar at garden shop signs, merchandise, people. lol It was fun.


Anyhow, later on last night her mom asked if I could take her home and pick her up some cigarettes. Of course, I said sure. So, Sara and I went around our elbows to get to our thumbs while we were out. The subject of the candy bar came up and, in a joking manner, I said "Nah, you just wanted an excuse to come see me." She grinned real big and said "Yeah, I did".


I suppose that was the most significant mixed signal the whole evening, excluding the fact she wanted to share her burrito with me, liked me calling her babe, etc.


I dunno, maybe she's just as confused as I am right now. lol Either way, I must get going. I'm going to pick her up to take her to the museum. We've also decided to go to a concert one day - probably Aerosmith - as she's never been to one before.


Either way, I just wanted to let you all know I wasn't just sitting around sulking or something.


By the way, Happy Belated Easter.


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Maybe she wasn't completely honest with you.


Maybe she has feelings for you but didn't want admit to something, so tossed that in.  Ya know?  And were those her exact words, about how she would date you but she likes guys?


Did she specifically say that she doesn't like girls too?

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O-M-G. I got some boobage today. lol I was driving FROM the museum today and she was aggrevating me. So, I started grabbing her "tickle spot". You know, on her side. Well, I was busy driving and she started up again. So, I reached over and...whoops! lol She didn't say anything, though.


Anyhow, I talked to Sandra (Mama FROM work) today as she wanted updated on how everything was going between Sara and I. I told her what Sara said the other night and she got a huge smile on her face. And, as she started walking away, she said "You are in there." I said, "Huh? What do you mean?". "You are in there - she likes you. You are so naive.", she replied.


Bullcrap aside, here's what I believe: I think she is crazy about me. I truly believe if we continue on the path we're on, we'll end up getting together. Despite what she may or may not say, I think there's something there and she knows it. She knows when I'm flirting with her and she always looks at me and grins. And it's there, in her eyes - I can tell. It's an overwhelming feeling.


I've weighed the pros and cons of the situation: And, if you think about it, the only thing keeping us FROM becoming anymore than what it is now is her saying: "I'd date you but I-I-I - I dunno - I-I-I-"..."You like guys"..."I just like guys". Those were the exact words spoken at the moment. She has held my hand, she has made several innuendos, she uses physical contact all the time, she goes out of her way to come see me at work, she calls me at work. For goodness sake, she even asked to see some baby pictures of me today.


The only thing that has stumped me is the fact I don't want to assume too much. Maybe she is telling the complete truth - she doesn't like me in that way. Yeah, I believe she could've said that to avoid some things. That may be because she's not ready to "tackle" the situation just yet. Though I've never known her to lie, I have caught her stretching or not telling the whole truth. A good example: No, Admin, she has never said she didn't like girls. I've actually found she's comfortable with a girl liking her - it doesn't bother her. She even told me some girl has liked her before.


Either way, these are just the thoughts running through my head. Forgive me, I know this is a long, drawn-out post but rambling tendencies occur when I'm exhausted. lol


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Three people are telling you to not believe what she said.


"mama" as you call her.  She knows the situation more personally than I do.

I'm number two.  Now I'm sure that you are probably telling me things with a slight hope of things working out, so it will sound like she likes you, but even then, the information you have given cannot be argued with in some ways.

And you are the 3rd one.  Trust your instincts.


Sometimes people will say something on the spot not to lie to hurt but to put something off to have more time to think.  Maybe she felt on the spot and didn't know how to handle it.  Like, time is what she needs because she's not sure.  Or maybe she isn't sure you really like her because you haven't moved faster/farther.


I say, put on a teeny bit of heat, a little bit of pressure, and see if she starts to give in some.  But don't over do it.

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