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Dating a Co-worker

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Let's say, you've worked the same job for months, maybe even years, and you enjoy it. Yeah, it's not great but it'd be difficult to find something better.


Then, there's one co-worker in particular you think is a hot tamale. In return, you notice this person is flirting with you!


What do you do? ...and is it a good idea or bad idea to pursue a co-worker?


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No one's replied to this topic but I'm gonna add to it.


I know I talk about this one girl FROM long ago, three years, but I told her not long ago that I was tired being strung along like a puppet and that its was now or never. Well, I got my answer. Sooo, I decided I was gonna meet some new people, do my own thing.


Well, after work, we sometimes go out to eat somewhere. I gathered about three people to go during work and it ended up two of them really made me mad. So, I asked the one person, Sara, left if it was okay if we two just went along together. If she didn't like that, I'd understand.


Before hand, I must say, Sara and I kinda have a history. You see, here's the deal: Her mother and sister works at the same place as us. I'm friends with all three of them (I didn't know they were related, when I met all of them). Either way, I had really thought Sara had a thing for me. However, I know her family is extremely religious. So, I thought, maybe she's just really friendly.


Well, tonight, we went out to Waffle House - just Sara and I. She had absolutely no problem with it just being us two. If anything, she enjoyed it. I paid for everything, she even thanked me for always paying for her meals (Yeah, I like her a lot *grin*). We talked the whole time, laughing, joking, etc. All night, Sara found some way to touch me. She always does this. I don't know why, I just know she loves to touch me. For example: I know she layed her head on my shoulder a dozen times and touched my arm(s) just as much. So, I decided I'd fish some information out of her because this girl is awesome - she's certainly my type. She's everything you'd want a girl to be: Beautiful (Avril Lavigne look-a-like), Intelligent, excellent personality, great sense of humor - we get along like peas and carrots. I asked her, "Why don't you have a boyfriend?". She replied, "I don't like anyone and...", "and, what?" I asked. "And...", she replied. Then, there was a subject change. lol Now, maybe it's just me, but this girl was hinting around to something. I don't like to assume...but it was kinda left out in the open to assume. Hmmm...

She even told me, "I don't wanna go home" and "I'm HAVING so much fun" along with the "I had fun tonight" - twice, I might add - when I dropped her off at her house.


I really like this girl but there are so many things that could go wrong with, not only her, but her relatives working with us as well. But, first of all, what do you all think? Is she flirting with me? Do you think she might wanna adventure a bit? or is she just really nice?


Secondly, assuming she's interested, should I take the chance?


I usually don't stress this much over a potential girlfriend but I really like Sara and I've never been in this kind of situation before. So, yeah, I'm eager to know what you all may think.


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I haven't replied to this since I've never truely had this problem. But I say go for it anyway-If you really like a person and the feeling is mutual you can work things out. And if it doesn't you might get some awesome meomories out of it anyway. I've always been kind of up front...If I like someone I go up to them and ask them out right out in the open-A. whether they like me also and B. if they are interested in hanging out or whatnot. Yeah it hurts if they say no but then its done and over with and you can get on with your life. Actually now that I think about just ignore me...who am I to say?




i like that smiley hehe

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Saturday (Waffle House night), Sara asked me if I was working tomorrow (Sunday, of course). I told her no. She looked so very sad - like she was disappointed. So, I told her, "I'll stop by to see you, though". She grinned and said "Okay".


So, I did as I said I would, I stopped by with an additional candy bar (She loves chocolate - doesn't gain one ounce, though. I wonder what her secret is). We talked for a bit and everything was well - she even skipped her break. Things were going great as usual. She asked me again, "Do you work tomorrow?" (Monday), I told her yes and she lit up with a great big smile. I said, "Why, do you work tomorrow?", She replied with "I got called in. I'm working FROM 4 to 10".


After this, we were still talking and such. Well, I said something and she pretended to be mad at me. So, I said, "Fine, then. I'm going and not coming back - bye." She gave the same respects and I was well on my way. However, I wasn't really going to leave. I was just going to the restroom and come back. On the way, I saw Anna. So, of course, I stopped to say hello. We talked for a bit, joked around, etc. and I went back over where Sara was.


When I went back, Sara didn't have much to say. I was so very confused. I kept asking what's the matter, what's wrong, what'd I do, did something happen while I was gone, are you feeling alright, something you want to talk about?, and etc. All I got out of the situation was, "Nothing. It has nothing to do with you, it's me." This continued on the whole evening I was there.


Well, she decided to go to the bathroom. As she left she turned around and said, "You can go to talk to Anna or something while I'm gone". Of course, this confused me. However, I went over to talk to Anna.


Monday rolls around (We're both at work). I decided before I went home I'd stop by and talk to Sara. Everything was fine. We were laughing, joking, flirting...or, atleast, I was. All of a sudden, she starts getting quiet again. I am so very confused at this point, it's unreal. She says, "I'm going to the bathroom". I replied, "Alright. I'm gonna get going, I have a few things I need to do tonight".


I don't understand. She's never like this when we go out after work. I mean, is she jealous I talked to Anna or is she tired of me being around? Heck, I don't even know if she likes me...in that way, atleast.


I do see your point, though, Sobe. I'd certainly come right out and ask her and such...if we didn't work together. Like I said, her Mom and sister also work with us. So, it's a delicate situation. I only hope I can pull it off. lol I do plan to confront her sometime, though - Just not right now.


What do ya'll think?


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Anna is just another co-worker. She's cute but I'm not interested.


I thought about jealousy, when she said it. I don't want to jump to any assumptions, though - just in case. Either way, I talked to Sandra (good friend, co-worker, big ol' black woman - I call her Mama 'cause she takes care of me at work lol) today and she thought it was jealousy as well. Then, she got to thinking about it - "maybe she's jealous because you're her (Sara) friend - some friends are just like that", she said. I'm not saying it's not possible but I've never had a friend who was jealous of my other friends. That's like me getting upset because Admin talks to fluffy, Sobe, and jmukiki. I just don't see it.


Either way, Sandra and I decided I should talk to her. She brought up a good idea as I told her I was thinking of talking it all out with Sara but that I didn't want to make a joke of myself. She suggested I just tell her I'm INTO girls and see how she reacts. Actually, I thought this was a good idea. So, I guess that's what I'm waiting for now.


It was weird today, though. Her mom was working with us as we were a bit short-handed and she asked me if I was off Friday and what I was doing. It was like: Uh, okay - "I dunno, I haven't checked the schedule." "Well", she said "come with me Friday to see Elizabeth in the Miss "Pell" High Contest." I asked Sandra if she thought I should go and she said yes, but I dunno. I mean, that's gonna feel real odd. Heck, it felt odd just being asked by Sara's mom. lol Sandra even joked about it - "Yeah, go hang out and have fun with your mother-in-law". lol


Anyway, that's my rambling for today...


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Might be a good idea to try to talk to Sara before all this happens.  Not necessarily tell her that you're INTO girls, but to get it out in the open that you noticed a change when that happened, and that you're confused about why she reacted that way.  Who knows, maybe those two have a hidden history with each other - either intimate or hostile - in either case she might have felt betrayed.  And if you bring it up in just the right way, then you might be able to open the doors to finding out how she feels about being with women.  Something like "I don't know if you two have fought for the same person before, been in disputes, or even been in a relationship with each other..." and just make sure to continue FROM there, because if it all seems casual and like you are just confused about why she reacted that way, then if she does swing that way, she might feel comfortable telling you if she sees you consider it completely normal.  Just think of how you would react to something (be honest with yourself) - and if it's not the desired result, think of something else.

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Sorry I haven't posted lately - I'm quite the busy lady lately.


Either way, tomorrow is the big day. I'm going to confess to Sara I like her. Atleast, I hope. She knows something's the matter, something's on my mind and it has to do with her as she asked me "Why are you so mad at me?" I told her I wasn't mad at her. She then replied with, "Yes, you are. You're distant with me and friendly to everyone else - why?". I almost told her right then and there but I chickened out. She knows I want to talk to her, though.


I have another potential job paying nearly three times as much as the job I have now in case it causes a dispute in the workplace. I doubt it will, but it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm just scared. lol


Anyhow, I must get some rest...


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Well, folks, I did it. I told Sara how I felt about a month ago (hence being busy lately) and she had no problem with it at all. As a matter of fact, we went out to eat together, stayed out until about 1:00am. She even pages me as soon as she gets INTO work.


We were on our way home FROM the restuarant Saturday, and I was taking her home. The whole evening we talked about relationships and such. And, of course, we began to talk about our situation. Though she didn't give much input, she was eager to hear what I had to say. At this point, I was confident and not scared to speak my mind.


As we were almost to her house, she looked at me and asked, "Wanna drive for a bit?" So, we went 20 miles out of our way to talk more about us. She told me during this time, "there's something I want to tell you but I don't want to tell you until we spend more time together. I have to make sure it won't get around." Of course, I promised it wouldn't as she has more dirt on me now than anyone. So, we set a date to go to a museum on Friday.




I just thought I would UPDATE you all seeing as how I left you hanging a bit in my last post.


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