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Is it wrong to lose your virginity?  

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Yea they do start earlier..heck..my friends crush has 2 kids. His gf is like 16 or something now.. she did it at 14 or somthing but he was 12..its THEIR choice..i know i know i know. But seriously dont be selfish. If you put ur head to it, go ahead ruin ur life, but ur autonatically made into an unfit parent if ur to young. If ur not already doing a horrible job parenting that young or w/e..and the kid was sent to a foster home..thats ganna screw them up. Weather u keep the kids or not. Point::. Go ahead screw up ur life if ur ganna take that chance you would have anyways..but why take the chance of screwing up a babys life from the start?
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The kid was sent to a foster home how sad I have heard horror stories about kids who get tossed into the sysytem.



I have way too many plans for my life to screw it up (no pun indented) in any way my god there are so many other ways to satisfy yourself than going all the way :yes: :o :eyebrow:

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wow. that is kind of sad. not the fact that it kind of seems like ur trying to act kool.but the fact that u dont even know what age. especially since u said to ages...and u said it was at 14 a while ago. am i seeing a problem? lol


well anyways some people dont care. but thats just the fact that they dont take things seriously. i can see why u dont care. but maybe ya should care. because its probably not ganna be so "cool" when u walk around w/ little you's everywhere. but hey its ur life. if u have no problem w/ it then thats u.

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Okay, I thought of something..


You can lose your virginity to someone if you like, but make sure you know that person will be there for you if you get pregnant and have a child. If he doesn't stay there by your side, that is something not worth losing virginity to.. Don't lose your virginity to an idiot, lose it to someone who never stays apart from you in difficult times.. (Like my Patrick for instance..)

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