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Is it wrong to lose your virginity?  

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I am so EXCITED for this debate. I want to know what you teens think. Because for ME..well I have to vote! Then I will explain:) Gracias!





Well I believe that if you really like that person, and your comfortable with the person you have sex with, then its ok by me. We are not sick people for losing that. Wolfie even said something VERY logical:


"T, you lost your V, it was your choice, you’re happy with it, let’s move on."


And yes, it was my choice. And i am happy with it. I really do like this guy alot, and thats all that matters to me!:)..


Now, YOU children need to vote! I want to know your comments!:)

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No comment. The person I guess you'd say I'm 'with' means everything to me. I don't need sex to enjoy her company. Neither of us would do something like this if the other wasn't ready. I never really thought about this until I read the post. It was just something that I wasn't considering at the moment. I don't know. I can't explain this as fully as I want to. I feel like I should say more, but I can't form my thoughts into words.


And where do you get off calling me a child? I'm older than you by a little over two years.

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well...ur ganna start "feeling stuff" at around 11/12 or w.e..the politically correct thing to do is wait til like 18..but lets face it..if u have protection..on some birth control pills 15..16..17 cuts the cake for me




I agree pretty much yep 15-17 although some start even earlier.

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