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Nuclear threat

Jim Colyer

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Jesus Rum you DO NOT have to say your SORRY for ANYTHING man. We all know it is Troys fault *points at Troy* :P

I am just a funning ya Troy so do not get ya panties tied up in a knot..... :lol:

FYI Troy I have never gone to your profile man never will see I just do not care. <_<





Anyhoo I just hope they drop a huge bomb on Congress while all those old hypocrites are in session. :lol:

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troy 4 years age difference you can hardly call me young and not refer to yourself also.

Anyways why not just take life as it comes.

Hold it a second. When did I say I wasn't young? That wasn't what I was implying. I wasn't saying that I'm better because I know exactly what I'll be doing in the future, either. It's impossible to know.


Yeah, I probably shouldn't have replied. Someone will take that the wrong way and jump at the chance to flame me for their misunderstanding.

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