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My Plans For Valentine's Day

Well, Angela said she wouldn't be on her computer much anymore because Dacity Chat doesn't work. Good! Now I can write down plans for Valentine's Day.   9:00 AM Call Angela and tell her to get ready. 12:00 PM See a very nice movie with Angela. 3:00 PM Go out to eat.. I'm sayin' Tumbleweed or Applebee's. 5:00 PM Give Angela her NEW $1,000 bracelet. 6:00 PM Go to my house and cuddle and watch another movie. 7:00 PM Go to her house and have a good desert. 8:00 PM Go to the mall and look aro

xXxSlim ShadyxXx

xXxSlim ShadyxXx


Hello, my name is Patrick and I am here to tell you about my life... SERIOUSLY!! You think I'm just gonna sit here and type EVERY SINGLE DETAIL?! What? Your asking just about my present life? Oh.. why didn't you say so? I wouldn't have wasted my breath on you. Well, I am a blond haired male and... why are you laughing? Oh, 'cause I said MALE? Trust me.. I've checked if you think I'm not a guy. I have blue eyes and a very nice smile.. When girls look at me they sigh... WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!

xXxSlim ShadyxXx

xXxSlim ShadyxXx

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