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*mindless babble removed*


BTW, many of these things applied Al Gore in 2000, and that's why I think Gore "lost" the election to Bush...it never should have been that close.

To be honest, I don't think Gore lost.. I think he won, but some dishonest means were used to alter the overall outcome. I think you get what I mean. Our country would probably be in better condition than it is right now if Gore had gotten the office as he should have.

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hm...(don't put this in the joke column)


One day 3 little boys saved George Bush's life. George Bush said to teh boys" BOYS, HOW MAY I EVER REPAY YOU 3?" The first kid said "I want a Ps2" "DONE!",said Bush. The second little boy sed "I want a gameboy with all the games to go w/ it!" "DONE",said Bush. the 3rd little boy sed"i'll have a weelchair with a built in game system" why u aint cripled said George Bush. "because ", said the little boy. "I will be once my dad finds out i saved you"

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