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Halloween prank

The Joker

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Well hey...I CUT the power and the house is old..Its like 90 years old.. Like if you cut the power whenever you hang up the phone it gets rid of whatever talked last... They don't have a caller id... they have one of the cord phones.. and the cops were like all the way across town on a call..(I know that because it was on the news)

Wolfie, you know that all phones don't have memory, don't you? For all you know, it could be a rotary dial phone.

Read the part in bold in the quote.


That right there is a give-away. Rotaries don't have memory, she indicated that it does have a memory but that it gets erased. Corded phones don't require the house to have electricity, that power is supplied by the telephone line.



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O_o I didn't write that.... First of all. I don't GO trick or treating anymore.. second of all...They don't live next to me whoever they are. Third of all, that was my brother..I had my password lying on the Comp. Desk and I guess he tried it out and enjoyed tryin to get me in to 'trouble' *My brother is stupid :) He also did that trick...O_O*
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