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I've recently fallen into an obsession with The Sims for GC again. I'm recreating people from my life, with names changed, of course. Too bad there aren't any good resource sites for the console versions. I don't need all of those extra items, I'd just like to find some nice houses online and use them. Then, there's also the second floor I hear PC users talking about. I need to get a better PC so I can buy and play those.
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I know I just gave ya the link so when you do get a better PC you can check it out oops I should have explained that better sorry. I play the pc version and I just download houses from that site. You can built a two,three, even a four story house if ya want. The most floors I have done is three, it is cool if ya wanna keep your family together in one house.
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All they have is information about it and a link you can go to to order the game.


This won't sound very nice, but even if it did have stuff that could be used in the game, I couldn't use it. I have The Sims one.



Not mean at all oh my it takes more than that to make me mad.


I was just trying to help out that is all.


I do not play the Sims my sister does I much prefer games like Call of Duty.


I have seen my sister play the Sims and it is just too boring for my taste.

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