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Star Wars III  

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Anakin: "Padme I sence the Darkside IN you"



This might be a little better...



Anakin: Padme, do you have the darkside in you?

Padme: No Anakin, I don't, I promise!

Anakin: Would you like to have it in you? :eyebrow:


Anakin: Feel the power of the darkside, Padme! (guess what they're doing)


Padme: Oh Anakin, it's so big and strong! (referring to his lightsaber)

Anakin: I know, I designed it myself

Padme: Got anything else that's big and strong shaped like that?


Padme: (pregnant and sitting in a resteraunt about to order food)

Waiter: You want a jedi burger with a yoda order of fries, then ice cream and pickles for dessert.

Padme: How'd you know that?

Waiter: I don't know, but I could swear that your belly is using the jedi mind trick on me.




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Me and my cousin had a nerds night. We were ganna rent all the star wars movies (which i have never seen) and get stix 4 the glowing stick things. When we went to rent it, apperantly some1 else took it out cause they actually *wanted* to see it. *turns head in confusion* I'm not a star wars fan. Not 2 b offensive or anything i just think its kinda stupid.
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