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Star Wars III  

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I won't spoil anything, so since it's know Anakin's fate (ie, the dark side), all I'll say is that you see WHY he is considered to be a destined one. The way he does some things, and specifically, after being turned to the dark side.. just is AMAZING.


I honestly think that this movie is the absolute BEST of the entire series! Not the happiest, but the BEST!


Oh and also not a spoiler, as it is known that Master Windu dies. How he dies is fantastic. Samuel L. Jackson didn't want to get sniped out like "some punk", and he request was highly fulfilled.


A final note... You see just how dark Anakin can become.


For those who are Star Wars fans, I urge you, please GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU START WATCHING THE MOVIE! 2½hours long, and I swear you WILL mess yourself if you try to hold it in. (I didn't have this problem)


For those who think Star Wars stinks, I am telling you, if you don't get some clue about the overall story and go watch the movie, you will, in all honesty, be a lamer. It has EVERYTHING in it. Love, comedy, action, drama and anything else you could reasonably want.


I will say that this movie was NOT worth waiting for though, because IT IS SO GOOD THAT IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED SOONER! I wonder if there'll ever be an "uncut" version of the movie, or an extended version, because I WANT MORE!


Ok, anyone who has any complaints or gripes or insults about Star Wars, put it into another topic. The movie was WAY TOO GOOD to be insulted.

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You suck then. :D


Star Wars is one of the most highly recognized ideas of all time. It's been the source of many spoofs, parodies, songs, music, references and even many "new" ideas.


It's a part of our lives and to not watch it is almost like ignoring a part of your life.

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Some deleted scenes...


Anakin: Hey Padme, wanna play with my 'lightsaber'?


Padme: Annie, that was great... Can you use the force like that on me again? (winks with a sly smile)


Anakin: Padme, I'm going to join the Dark Side.

Padme: Ok but only if you promise to use this bright flashlight.

Anakin: But then it won't be dark anymore.


Anakin: I love you Padme, I'll be with you forever.

Padme: Annie, I'm pregnant.

Anakin: (Starting to pack) Um, I have to go.

Padme: Why? Where?

Anakin: I don't know, just that I suddenly got this overwhelming desire to leave.

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