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well hey..im not single..:P..but to tell you the truth ladies!!, and gents..there are a FEW advantages to NOT dating: 1.) you can FLIRT as MUCH as you want..while bob isnt getting p'od... 2.) you can KISS and M/O etc..as much as you want w/out having jack care either! 3.) and you dont have to get into so many arguments..like i am right now! with my boyfriend.. *sighs* see..you girls..and guys have it easy..lemme tell ya. :P
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I agree with you, Sugargirl, about girls who say, "I'm in a serious relationship, and I love him to death!" when they're only my age. Sure, teenagers can love, but I don't think most of them know how to be "in love." I'm not trying to say about myself, "Oh, I know everything about relationships," but I think the comment I made is true.


Let's say a guy and a girl are dating for about... six months? This was the case with my step-sister. I don't remember exactly what he did (it wasn't any kind of abuse), but it made her cry for like an hour! So, my step-mom is trying to comfort her, and my dad and I have to listen to that crap for about an hour (we were really annoyed). The weekend after that, she has a new boyfriend.


Teen-agers who think they're in love... makes me laugh.

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