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pep rally preparing

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Here is something to shatter that dream world of yours...


Whenever you step outside of your house, how do you know that you're not being watched? After all, when you are stepping out, if someone is watching for you, they can see you before you seen them. That gives them time to hide or if they can't hide, to make it appear as if they aren't paying any attention to you. The could be outside cutting the grass, trimming bushes, inside their house behind a curtain, sitting in a car, etc.


It's a fact that it's so easy to spy on someone without their knowing it that it's downright scary. I could have someone drive a van (with tinted windows and the inside protected from outside view), park it in a neighborhood, walk a couple of blocks away to drive a vehicle dropped off for them, and then from inside I could spy on people and no one would even suspect the van if it was there for only a day or two.


Same with SUV's and cars, although a car would be a bit less comfortable. The point is that when you step out, you don't go analyzing your surroundings 100% of the time, even if you did, you could still overlook someone looking. For that reason, guys could be sneaking peeks down your shirt/up your skirt, without your knowing it. So you're giving off free shows without knowing it.



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Prep, it's a fact that guys look girls over. You can't say that it's not happening because a guy could be looking you over from 100 feet away while you're busy talking with your friends or practicing cheers.


It happens more than you believe, trust me.

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