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Same-sex marriage in Montana?


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No feelings have been hurt here. *grin*


Secondly, you're completely entitled to your opinion. That's what makes you an individual, American, and free. Besides, if I were to "attack" you for your beliefs and/or reasons, that would go against everything I stand for.


Having said that, I can understand where you're coming from.


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To clarify, FROM what she said in an earlier post, I think the impression was given that fluffyrat should be scared to post her views because of me.  She and I did have a discussion on this issue (of same sex marriages) - but wether or not she posts her views is strictly up to her, no matter what those views may be.


And 'right tool between the legs'?  heh..  That's a good one.  I like that phrasing.  It's funny. :-D

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