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[OLD]which came first


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the egg came first


reason:  the chicken was too scared


now for those that try to say that the chicken inside the egg was even more scared (ie hiding in the egg), since it was an unborn chicken, thus not a fully developed chicken, it didn't quite have all the characteristics of being a chicken, and as such, was not officially chicken.


therefore, it was less chicken than the chicken and since the chicken is chicken, the egg came first because it had more courage than the scared chicken did.


of course, the chicken came before the cat too, because it was a scaredy cat.  but it soon learned the benefits of coming around, and has since then chased all birds for taking the glory of coming before the cat did.  that's the real reason cats chase bird-like creatures - not for food (although its like rubbing salt on the wound) - but for instinctive revenge.


the dog, HAVING been around for awhile, and being dumb, thought that the cat had invented a game, and being stronger than the cat, has chased cats around unaware that it wasn't a game.


any more q's? style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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the chicken, because god put everything on this earth whole adn grown. ask yourself this, which came first the baby or the grown man adam?


after the chicken had a mate, then came the baby. but everything was created "as is"


here's another, what do you think cam e first, the dinosaur of the egg. i think it's the dino's sense most reptile can reproduce without a mate's sperm.

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