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abcdefg what u got ta say to meeeeeeeeeee!!?!!

hijklmnop if i aint answering, om watchin' T.V.

qrstuvwxyz if you got problems, dun bring em 2 me...


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" An annoying child walks on a bus.He sits right BEHIND the bus driver.He says to the bus driver "if my dad was a boy bull, and my mom was a girl bull, i'de be a little bull!" the bus driver got a little angry. then the boy says " if my dad was a boy cat and my mom was a girl cat, i'de be a little cat" the kid starts saying 3 more animals, and the bus driver stops the bus and jumps up. she yells " WHAT IF YOUR DAD WAS A DRUNK AND YOUR MOM WAS A PROSITUTE!?!?

The boy smiles and says: i'de be a bus driver."

:D hope yall liked da joke!

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