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Should kids buy CDs with curses in them?


Should kids buy CDs with curses in them?  

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So since it's everywhere, it makes it ok? With that logic, I think that would justify homocide.. It's in the news, tv shows, movies, games and even in many neighborhoods.


If people are stupid to try to reanact any of the things they see or hear, then let it be, a very small percentege does reanact the things they hear and see, and besides the only reason they put curses in things is to make people buy it, rap is the best selling cd's next to pop.

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Let's presume, without researching, that there are indeed more rap cd's sold than any other.


Ok, with that arguement set aside as a given (but it's not a fact, only a presumption at this point).. Let's consider some other details.


When it comes to rap, you find fewer resources/references/usage of it in the everyday world than you do of other forms of music. In this area alone there are 2 or 3 country stations, meeting or exceeding the maybe 2 stations that play some form of rap in the area. There are also stations for religion, classical, modern r&b/rock, oldies, etc.


Everywhere you go, you don't hear stores and businesses playing rap music for their guests, it's something relaxing but modern.


The only places you hear rap is one of very few radio stations that play it, at homes where people play it, ghetto-blasting out of cars or boom-boxes or in a very few other places where someone just happen to be able to play it, which *MAY* include a few low-end type businesses.


With that in mind, since it is not the most popular form of music (otherwise it would be more widely heard), why then would the rap cd's sell in large numbers?


Let's look at something a bit obvious and unaccounted for.. Parents. They find the cd's, disapprove of the, throw them away, kids find a way to buy another copy. Let's also consider the damage those cd's suffer when the kids try to hide them from their parents. The list goes on. The conclusion? That many of the purchases are re-purchases to make up for losses when it comes to rap. :)


Take those numbers out (and yes, out of the other genre's too), and you'll see that the true numbers don't favor rap.


Sing a tune to that.

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look it up, bet rap is the best selling cd's



Okay Squeef I did. Now I had a diffcult time finding hard reliable facts, but as of 2000, ROCK sold TWICE as much music as Rap did. And thats with Rap being combined with Hip Hop. In fact, if you look at the previous years, Country tied or outsold Rap easily!





Don't believe me? Check out the National Association of Recording Merchandisers: Research & Statistics


A lesson is here: don't make a statement you can't back up. If you can find a recent reliable source that proves your statement true, then please do so, because I could not find one.

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