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Iraq War: A Mistake?


Was it a mistake to go to war in Iraq?  

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Yes, it was a big mistake!


Terrorism didn't come from Iraq. This war, which is an econommical disaster, created new terrorism inside Iraq and gives potential terrorists reasons for new attacks.


The region was much more stabil before the war.

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I have no opinion on the war as a whole, but I think all word leaders are idiots. They become drunk by their own power, and they go and start wars without thought for the little people, the ordinary people.


The war? Yeah, I suppose it was pretty stupid. Just another excuse for Mr. George W. Bush to show off how much power he has.

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Big mistake to satisfy one person's ego and personal squabble. Our leaders should have learned from Vietnam. Looks like history repeating itself. That area is now more unstable than it was before. I will say this. George senior was smarter. He stopped short of Bagdad for the sake of stability. Look what Georgie Jr. has created.


Biased? YES! Because I have 2 son's that will soon be registering with Selective Service. No draft you say? Look at the numbers they keep calling out of retirement. Or not allowing to retire or exit in any way. They will soon run out of those types, burn out will hit (already has) those that are "in country" and then here comes the draft.


Proud American and will defend my country. But not for a personal vendetta.

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Let's see if we can get some intelligent answers (unlike those on TV).


Was it a mistake to go to war in Iraq in terms of



mideast instability?





Mideast Stability, or lack of it, is the tricky one. Is something really stable because you maintain a complete control over it? North Africa is stable, but only because Qaddafi's son was murdered. Libya's "under control" by American policies, tariffs, trade regulations, and a general desire just not to have the crap bombed out of them again. But I guess that's stability. I see the same thing happening with Afghanistan and Iraq. Those areas will be stable, but only because they will have no desire to endure the serious bombing raids that would happen if they ever evoked any sort of free thought against Western mainstream. Iraq's not going to bother anyone anymore, but only because they'd pee in their pants if they ever thought of doing something. Kinda like Germany in 1918. They won't hurt anybody anymore.

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I didn't vote, because I think it had bad and good causes.


The innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting killed because of this war. :no: Even though I don't know any of those people, I feel that it's very wrong to kill them, unless they have connections with the "bad guys."


A good cause is that Saddam Hussein was captured (Dec. 7, 2003). If we never went to war, he would still be in power.

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In my opinion it wasn't a bad idea the fact is if we don't go over there n help those iraqi's someone else will have to later.. The war is for the greater good and even though I'm saddend by the losses of our forces they are dieing for a cause.. a cause to stop any other further acts of terrorism in the future
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