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R.I.P. KiKi


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KiKi You were near to me

KiKi You were dear

KiKi helped me find the light

KiKi i wish you were here

KiKi you were hard to loose

KiKi I do pray

For your love and your hope

I wish you were here today



Rest in Peace Alana. I will miss you.


You were a good friend

A good person

A high spirit

and a good listener.

God Bless KiKi

Im glad you are not in pain.

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I was so sorry to hear about kiki. Even though I only met her a few times, I could tell she was a sweet person and I know she'll definitly be missed.

I wrote a new song tonight, one that I've been trying to think up for months now. I guess all I needed was a little inspiration....And kiki turned out to be it.

SO...I'm dedicating my newest song, TOO KIKI




-Whispering Into The Wind-


I know she's not here anymore

But she's not really gone too far

Holding her in our hearts...


Everytime I look into the sky

And I see a bird passing by

Feeling the soft wind in my hair

Hearing tiny sounds all in the air...



I'll know it's her...

Flying high above the trees

You can feel her soul

Within all the breeze

Flowing calm and free

Whispering into the wind...

Yeah... she's whispering into the wind...


The sun shines bright

Smiling big for all her friends

The stars at night, twinkle on sight

Waving frantically to all of us




Whenever the clouds

Move and take form,

I'll know shes home,

Playing in the heavens...


And when the raindrops fall

Saying how she misses us all...


[chorus x 2]


She's whispering into the wind...

Sharing secrets with all her friends...

Whispering into the wind...

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I have so much I want to say but really don't know how. I just know that I felt like I'd just been slugged in the stomach when I was told. I refused to believe it, until I was forced to. I just kind of dragged through the next day (as I found out late at night) and don't really remember much. Then I realized how selfish it was to still want her here. KiKi was a wonderful person and anyone who knew her loved her. You know what. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things about KiKi, but we all know them all ready. Not to mention they've been pretty well stated all ready. I think what I need to say is this:


You are a dear friend.

I admired your strength and was in awe of your amazing will to live.

I never heard you complain about what life dealt you.

You are an amazing person and I'm only sorry more people didn't get to see this, but it's clear you are dearly loved and will NEVER be forgotten.

I'll remember you forever.

You're the best. R.I.P.

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