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It's weird, most people think Karate is where you learn how to fight and stuff, it is but there is more to it than that. When I took karate, I learned lot's of things. Things like endurance,courage,respect,being able to trust people you may not like in certain situations,responsibility,and more things. I think lot's of people should take Karate. If they do, most of them will be better people, and know some moves to kick people's butts if needed :)
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There's no point in me saying it because punkrawker already did.


But yeah, people think Karate is all about kicking people's butt's and that's not true. There's so much more to it than that.


Just out of lack of nothing better to do, I may type down all of the Karate terms and such on my next post.


*Pokes punkrawker to do the same*

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