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All i remember since before I was old enough to understand what it meant..ppl would always get into conversations about love. Until this very day, i always remember what would always be said. "Love is when you cant imagine life without that person" I've had crushes, and as much as i hate to say it..i can imagine myself alone. I dont really need anyone.I mean-like its not that i dont care about ppl. But no one has actually proved that they love me. Which is alright..because im only 13 years old. Why would i fall in love at 13?

So...talking 2 this dude lately. He opened up to me. For real, no walls. Now..i seriously cant picture life..without this person. What life would have been like if i never met him. I dont think its love..so whats going on? Its everything theyve been saying. But im 13..i cant fall in love.


Its so crazy...



Cheerleading game tonight. Not looking forward to it. roar. my pinkie still hurts =(

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Last time I checked, there was no rule on when you were capable of falling in love. Only that some people may think you don't know what it is or how it feels.
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