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the flippin pain



Ok...well in gym i was totally glad cause during 6 base, i caught this dude Chris's ball. I was like "hahahaha jerky jock i win!" So i was happy right!? Nope...god couldnt stand to see me happy. . . no one could stand to see me happy ever ever ever ever! Then after i/brendon caught a ball (dont ask) Scott kicked. Well the ceiling is huge! ! ! ! So he kicks it, it hits the gym ceiling, comes straight down, i go to catch it and wam. Hits my finger. Now its sprained. How im typing u may ask? PAINFULLY. AND SLOWLLLLY! ROAR!! Gosh...tonight I had cheerleading...why isnt this day ganna get better? O joy..the song scars is on the radio. they cut out the best part. When hes screaming "GO FIX YOURSELF" does anyone know what thats about? Why would that not be aloud? 4 real. Its gatta take a miracle to make this day go better. Gosh.... Not to mension, i had the WORST WORST WORST WORST dream yesterday..i dont remember much..but i recall it has to do w/ some dudes from laguna beach. Gosh...i was actually getting to a good part, then my alarm clocks go off. i dont really even like that show! Now i hate it. Gosh..like romances actually work out like that.Shyeah rite! I guess its not a baaaad show though..it has me crying sometimes...okokok. Im off subject. Comment if u must.



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