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Well here I am again...



Well here I am again..listening to one of my old Good Charlotte CDs thinkin bout the words to the songs. You know...by now, i know every word to almost every song. So not a point of this...Its Sunday morning..and this is what im doing. How boring can I posibally get? For real...

Donations went ALRIGHT yesterday after the game (we lost yet AGAIN). Wait, what am i talking about? The donations did not go 'alright' they sucked. Apperantly ppl have been selling packets and asking 4 donations since 6:00PM. So now, today at 11, i go 4 a team photo (i thouuuught we already had them..but guess not) and after i have to look for donations yet agaiiiin. Last night i was stuck with a bunch of chicks i hate. Then after we called it a night, i hung out with them and there friends. It was stupid, we were hanging out w/ all the guys i hate too. All of them are such snobs. I felt so weird with them..i HATE feeling weird. I like to fit in, during situations as that.

AMAGOWD! there was the cutessssssst puppy in the world. awwww puppy, i wuvvvvv puppies! she was a pomeranian (w/e the spelling is) and her name was Sophie. I fell in love w/ this dog...4 real =(

Ok..lets check in w/ school.Discription::. HUH..?

What the flip is going on? huh huh huh?! All the boys are wearing like..aeropostle`, and holister, all that stuff. What was wrong w/ the sports stuff they were wearing last year? I HATE perfectly fitting clothes on boys. HATE HATE HATE HATE. It least baggy..gosh. Whats up w/ the punks? This one girl amy..all she wore last year:


More chains

Band Tee's

Some pants that idk what their called but their weird


now shes all...holister. its like..huh?


As far as im concerned i totally think american eagle is ganna be "in" this year. w00t! their jeans feel like heaven.


So uhm..thats it i guess. Feel free to comment O.o




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