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Welllll...last night i was bored so me and my friend christina went to the movies. I WANTED to see the exorsism of emily rose, but im seein that next week with my cousin. So instead we saw "The brothers Grim" it was a 6 out of 10 in my opinion.


lol...first when we were ordering popcorn & stuff we had a laughing attack. Im like "I want an icee" shes like whats an "iced?" im like "ICEEEEE!" then from there when we were ordering we couldnt keep a straight face. The place was empty, im like "christy, what flavor icee do u want? make up ur mind theres a line behind us waiting" we look back no1s there. Then we just kept laughing about the stupidest stuff. The dude was cracking up too. lol.

Half way through the movie we went to throw our trash away. We went to use the bathroom and a cute guy was walking by. I was looking at him and wasnt paying attention and slammed into a wall. it was priceless. Christina was laughing so hard.

once i got home i went online and talked to luke:


Me:I went to the movies

Me:I walked into a wall


Luke:whatd you see

Me:A boy



Luke:Alicia I meant was movie you saw, not what distracted you





that was so funny. So this is me the next day typin all this up. I just read courtneys new bf's a/m. Member the guy aaron that me and the otha ppl met camping. My cousins "Boyfriend" well hes cousins w/ courtneys bf and hes over his house and that has me laughing.



write more lada



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Why can I actually imagine you walking into a wall? It's like I can see you, distracted, walking into a wall.. "WHAM!" and getting knocked backwards.
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