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Camping was soooooo fun!!!


To much happened so imma sum it up 4 anyone whos acrually taken their time for some reason to give a crap about my life.

mmk sooooo


me and my cousin go to the campground after a few mishaps we end up only goin w/ our aunt, her bro and her bros gf. So we just look around the campground..u know

Next day Greenday concert. Early in the mornin we take showers in the local bathroom. Then jackie straightens my hair. Im like "I feel dizzy" Shes all "alicia sit down" by the time she said it again i fainted. She faints all the time so she knew what was up. She caught my head by i fell. If she didnt my head would have cracked open. Less fortinetally the rest of my body caught the fall.

The courtney came w/ her friend, we went to the greenday concert, OSM CONCERT, THEIR OSM LIVE. Met some boys. Some old dude came up to us, told us he spent 12 years in prison, not to do drugs and that his daughter is a cutter. Uh...another boy fell of his skateboard. Then some cute dude was dancing in the parking lot. Then he used the portipotty, when he came out, me jackie courtney and her friend clapped. i hugged him 5 times then he got my sn. lol

Next day a dance at the campground,got all dolled up. It sucked..i was bored. Then we were asked to play manhunt. We met a bunch of ppl. We got back at 12 ish then next day we went home





...wa la





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