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Well..where o where can I start? I know. Oh I know! Girls. Its quite funny, all the "little miss perfects" are breaking out. Its halarious, the girls with the skin the whole school wanted are breaking out. What makes it even funnier is that they have no idea what to do! This one girl thats a real jerk has like a scar thing on her face from popping like 3 zits that were mega close. But it seems like each day they brake out w/ one more zit.

I know its not good to laugh at others pain..but I couldnt pass this up.

Boys? O gosh. Two names..Jay and Jason. Ok, they randomly come to my house when there not invited, in the middle of the night, or late afternoon. Is it just me or does anyone else find that rude. So heres whats going on, Jason and i went out and broke up a few times.Once the final break out was done, his friend jay who liked me asked me out. Im personally not into him, but all of my friend have convinced me to give him a chance..which i am. Its not like i hatttee him..but u know..just not the bf vibe there. So imma break up with him when school starts. You know..a just friend thing.

How about some advice. Theres some1 that im mega close to, but when ever he tries to talk-talk to me i stray away. I must feel insicure..

If he seems kinda bummed about it, should I feel bad since im sorta the one that got him bummed?



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