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Cheerleading sux



Cheerleading sux..Ok..usually i take right to it, and like it. This year i dont know why but im just so against it.80% of the girls on my squad are jerks with no feelings 4 others at all.

Then theres the rookies. Cant they just go away? They're all comin up to me askin "o can u help me?" "Can u teach me this" "Help me after practice at my place" Then phone calls. Like what the heck, its their first year..so what? They can practice themselves. Im not a HORRIBLE person, i'll help them sometimes, but EVERYDAY? Common..

Then those girls who have been doing it almost as long as me or longer. Trottin around the feild like their special..helllllo, we are a teaaam. T-E-A-M. Gosh. Maybe unity would work better if they didnt act so high and mity.

Its kinda nice to be cheerin w/ sum girls from my grade. I get to see how they look BEFORE school starts. Well hahaha, not just me anymore, some other girls are starting to break out too! All last year i had zits and most girls had perfect skin. Well im starting to recover while their starting. Its great.

Now cheerleading great in prespective. Maybe i should just give it an even bigger chance (even though 7 years SHOULD be enough)



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You should be extra nice to those asking you for help. Then you can pwn them real good. Want a soda? Make them bring it to you. Drop little tidbits about the others that strut their stuff like they're the team.. Next year, be the captain. style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif


Oh and there may be no "I" in TEAM, but there is "ME". Also MEAT, which is what is fresh each year on the squad. style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

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