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Excuse her?



Excuse her, this girl on my cheerleading team,asked me for help. Once I helped her she turns on me. I go over to say hi to her and 4 other girls and she pushes me away. Shes like "you werent invited over here" So im like "Did I have to be?" So shes like "actually yea." So i said "_______ why dont u grow up?" And she didnt say anything. So I went back with my own friends. But seriously, gowd how rude. Then l8ter with some snobs on our team that sorta respect me on the feild. (they hate her) She acts all nice. Shes like "hey alicia!"


Gosh, the nerve! Besides that cheerleading went pretty good today. Our Jamboree is tomorrow! Its like a pre-game. I like..cant wait. We have our dances and stunts all ready. Its ganna be kick butt! One girl on our team is ditching it for the mall. How stupid is that? We made a commitment. She should keep it.


It least all of the dances/jumps/cheers/stunts are coming together.



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Next time she wants help, tell her that she wasn't invited. style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif


Then when she realizes why you said that, you can ease up and say, "Next time don't treat me like trash ok?" and when she agrees, help her out, that way she knows that you were only doing it to make a point, not to act like you're more important than her. (If she does it again, then that's when to hold back on the help until she starts showing you more respect).


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