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Boys are SO Stupid II

Well, I broke up with Zack today... It was so.. so.. violent in a way. I felt like I was doused in Arctic water.. so cold and sad.. I will never see him again.. he swore to avoid me at all costs.. I hope none of you will have a part in your life where oyu break up violently..   So this means the Gates of Hell are getting closer... I might as well put the Gates of Heaven behind me.. I now have another boyfriend.. Patrick..

Boys are SO Stupid!! :'( :cry:

I had a fight with my boyfriend.. I don't know why.. I was just walking to school for a basketball meeting and Zack was there!! He like yelled at me and I stared at him like, What did I do?!, I did not do anything. Unless he saw me at the mall talking to one of my other friends named Patrick. >> He said if he sees me with Patrick again he'll break up wit me.

Welcome 2006!!

Well, welcome 2006! I had the most awesome time last night.. We had Rockin' New Years thing on TV and waited a while.. We also was dancin' and crap.. Then my the time it was 1:00 AM everyone filed out.. 'cept Zacky.. . Have a good new Year!!   ~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

New Year's Idiots

Well, happy New Year!! I have this title 'cause I have some friends comin' at my house to do some partying.. My dad is at a New Year's Party wit his bro.. He won't be back till like 2:00 AM So yay for me!! I am having a blast right now wit my boyfriend.. Watchin' a movie... and cuddlin' and stuff.. We have EVERYTHING for the party.. and we are the only house for about a mile so GO LOUD MUSIC!! Well, gotta go! The movie is gettin' to the good part.   The picture is to tell enyone to have a fli

Next to the World

I had the most wonderfull day.. I went down to my boyfriend's house and we got to see the 50 Cent Movie.. (Scary in a way..) We then went down to Hot Topic in the mall and had some fun.. We didn't buy anything.. Right now.. I am with him.. ^.^ He's listenin' to a new song on my iPod Nano he likes.. You can tell I am most certainly happy! Well, seeya within the next hour we are goin' to my boyfriends favorite store back in the mall.

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

Back to the Darkness

The tragic life continues... Which I hate.. but I went out wit my boyfriend down to Detroit.. Yesterday, not Minnisota.. Of course my Bro drove.. Today I had the most sickening day.. but I won't tell ya'll enymore than nesecary.. Okay, I am f*****g bored.. might as well go off to the mall once again wit my BF..   Stick Wit the Music! ~-~ Shady Aftermath ~-~

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

Welcome to the Darkness...

Welcome to my journal.. I am proud to present the daily LIFE of my friends, my fav singers, and me.. Are you spooked yet? Because if you aren't then you should be.. My life leads to many speed bumps and horrible happenings.. It has to do with the things I hate and some things I love.   In this world of mine.. I lead a role of an Only child.. I HATE it! I never have anyone to talk to.. I bet you're surprised at that.. I hate school! 'Cause the 7th grade teachers are TORTURE!! 'Cept my Strings

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~

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