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Welcome to the Darkness...

~+~ Shady Aftermath ~+~


Welcome to my journal.. I am proud to present the daily LIFE of my friends, my fav singers, and me..

Are you spooked yet? Because if you aren't then you should be.. My life leads to many speed bumps and horrible happenings.. It has to do with the things I hate and some things I love.


In this world of mine.. I lead a role of an Only child.. I HATE it! I never have anyone to talk to.. I bet you're surprised at that.. I hate school! 'Cause the 7th grade teachers are TORTURE!! 'Cept my Strings teacher.. How would you like to take an English Final with 100 questions?! Trust me.. It's hard.. I bet I could tell you something we've studied and you would tilt your head and go.. :blink: We'll that's all for now.. 'cause I'm going off to Minnisota to the Mall of America with my homies... Bye!!


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