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Cow Bomb


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(California) A dairy worker who heard that bovine flatulence was largely composed of methane, and potentially explosive, decided to apply the scientific method to the theory. While one of his contented cow charges was hooked up to the milking machine, he waited for the slight tail lift which dairy workers know signals an impending expulsion, generally something to avoid. Our hero struck a match. His satisfaction at seeing the resulting foot-long blue flame lasted mere seconds, before the flame was subsumed by a rectal contraction. The poor Holstein exploded, killing the worker who was struck by a flying femur bone.




Truth behind the legend...



"In 1979 my job was to read the Times of London and Manchester Guardian,and code the international stories into a computer. One of the stories was about a veterinarian in Holland who had been called to treat a cow with an impacted bowel. He inserted a lubricated hose into the rectum to push through the blockage, and was rewarded with a satisfying rush of gas. Finding it amusing, he raised his cigarette lighter and sparked the flint. The hose lit with a blue flame, and then there was a detonation not of the cow, but of the air/gas mixture around the cow. It set fire to the barn and burned down and the milking areas. The veterinarian, who survived, was sued for the equivalent of 21 million dollars. Not a Darwin award, but certainly the source of the urban legend."



Some funny sh.... stuff..

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