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One of the best ways to avoid getting stalked offline in the real world is to be careful how much personal information you give away over the computer.


You would be amazed how much information that a person can give away in the course of a conversation.


For instance, saying you are in a certain city in your profile narrows you down to a fairly small area.


Then maybe you mention you are a student.


Maybe there are only five schools locally.


Next you say something about going to the football game at school.


The person you talked to online can look in the paper to see what schools are playing that night.


Boom, they know what school you go to.


And as this continues it would be a simple matter for them to show up at your school.


The same applies for saying what kind of work you do, etc... DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE COMPUTER.


Now for the scary part.


You are talking to a seemingly nice person on the computer and you give them your phone number.


While they are talking to you, they are running your phone number through a program that gives them your address (these are all over the net).


It even draws them a map from their house to yours that they can print out.


The minute you give out your phone number you have also given a stranger a map to your home and your family.





Most pedophiles seem to be very "nice" people.


They are usually very friendly individuals and that is a part of the reason they are able to get close to a child.


They are very helpful and many times not only to the child but to the parents as well.


A pedophile is always in control of everything.


With a teen they will let the teen know that they fully understand their feelings towards adults, and in particular, the teens parents.


They will many times tell the teen how mature they feel he/she is and state that the parents should really treat them as such.


This is flattering to many teens and the pedophile is fully aware of that.


They also make the teen feel very needed and wanted.


One thing many people are not aware of is that the neighbor next door, who loves all the children and is the friendliest guy around, offering gifts to the kids and taking them different places while paying the way, is many times a pedophile.


The pedophiles that utilize the online services operate in the same manner.


There have been reported incidents where a pedophile has befriended the parent of the child while online in order to gain access to the child.


It is important to know that it has been proven that a pedophile cannot be cured and many times will continue to molest children whether he is caught or not.


Being imprisoned only slows them down for awhile.


They have little or no remorse for their actions, only for being caught.

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No no no, I know one on this very forum.

By all means, if you have records to show a conviction of such a crime against someone on these forums, please, show it to me. Otherwise, be careful that you don't go breaking the law by saying things that aren't true. :)

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