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Fav Family Characters


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Same 2 here, although they're almost tied.


I like how Stewie is bent on world domination and full of pure hatred, but at the same time is either forced to care for those with him for survival, or lets some of his inner caring for others. However when it comes to those outside of the family, he doesn't care. The one scene in the hotel room when he was trying to get some sleep while a drug deal was going down in the other room, and he yelled that the other was wearing a wire. Bang, other guy is dead. Did that only because he wanted to get to sleep.


I think Brian says and does what most of us would love to say/do if we were him. Like in the one scene where he's dragging his butt across a guys carpet (as many dogs do). But doing it on purpose to flaunt the fact that he does it.


Then for the others.. In no special order..


Peter - always tries to be important in some way, either important to others, or just to feed his ego. Convienently an idiot at times too.


Lois - sensible, understanding, forgiving and pushifully selfish when the time calls for it.


Chris - what can I say, his idiocy is just too much to resist. I like how they did the pimple storyline on him. The reference to "Little Shop Of Horrors" was classic.


Meg - seems to be the most human, I think everyone can relate to her in some way (did she really get deflowered or was that just a part of the skit to make it seem like she did?)


Quagmire - no boundaries or limits at all. Both scary and amusing at the same time. Like when he was telling his mom to shut up if she wanted the 3-way thing to work. (Him, his mom and his date).. eww.


Cleveland - sensible voice with a twist of insane reality deep in there. (When Peter tried to frame him by having 7 hookers in the home, Cleveland told Peter and 5 of the hookers to leave - meaning 2 hookers would remain).


Joe - that man is something else, I swear that he must be 5 times more dangerous as he is now than when he could walk. It's like the loss of walking gave him more abilities than it took away.


Mayor - it must be some sort of continuing tribute to Adam West for some reason. I'm not complaining because I liked his being Batman - it was campy but fun. I think it'd be cool if they had Burt Ward make a guest appearance with the Mayor, possibly even driving off in a Batmobile of some sort. That would be so classic.


The Chicken - love those fight scenes, especially the one at the beginning of this season - reference to Indiana Jones.


The Monkey - don't know what that's all about but it'd be nice to see something more on it. Poor thing had to give up being evil that one time when Chris told it that he's not in the mood. That was just too much.


Bertram - hope they show him again somehow. It would be nice to see that story be resumed somehow.



It's great. :)

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