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Things/People That Make You Laugh


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My fellow senior band members make me laugh. (warning: long post ahead)


Get a bunch of the senior band members together. Start a game of Cranium. If you don't laugh, you're braindead. Nick is in the corner making models with clay. Thanh is on the other side of the table trying to steal bits of clay from Nick while saying random things in English with her heavy Vietnamese accent. Hallie and Whitney are on the same team and are actually trying to play. Pair that with the fact that Whit couldn't tell what the theme song from the Pink Panther was when Hallie hummed it.


Then, my own team (with Nick on it...). Shane, one of the previous seniors. He's a pretty big guy, 200+ pounds and about the same height as me. Picture him doing a belly flop on a concrete floor and just kind of... jiggling... there. Then there's me, spouting out a near-constant stream of one-liners that everyone else thinks is funny. They even went so far as to call me the King of One-Liners.


We're like the eight stooges.

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