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Never leave me alone with a stove, ramen, a full fridge, and a pantry full of canned goods.


Now, I actually surprised myself. The below recipe tasted pretty good. It made a HUGE batch, bigger than I thought it would.



2 packs instant ramen, any flavor

1 can (15 OZ) sweet corn drained

1 can (15 OZ) sweet peas drained

1 small can (7 OZ) mushroom pieces and stems drained

Soy sauce

Any other spices you like



Boil a bit water more than usual for two packs ramen. Open ramen, throw seasoning packet in trash. Cook ramen. When ramen gets soft, add veggies and mushrooms. When ramen is done, drain, add soy sauce and spices, enjoy!


Tip: Needs a LOT of soy sauce.


Whew, I do believe I made a mistake. Only cook this if you have many friends around.

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I'm trying this recipe, with a few changes.



Leaving out the cheese and crushed red pepper. Would have left cheese in, but didn't have any. Doubling the ingredients. I'll get back to you, if I'm not a pile of ashes when I'm done eating.


Now that I regularly do strange stuff, I challenge YOU to post your strange and tasty recipes.


Edit: Finished. Tastes pretty good. Suggestions: Leave out the Red Hot and peppers. Go buy some cheese.

Never double the ingredients unless you're cooking for a group or are eating plain ramen with no extras. It made WAY too much again. Use common sense. If the amount of ingredients take up the same space as the pack of ramen, don't double. I've had to throw away two whole packs over the past two recipes because I made too much.

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