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I dont care anymore


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Go ahead go back on what you said

Make me worry to death

As your paving the way for your death

Just because its not the way it used to be

Doesnt mean you can do this to me

What the hell is this?

Since when don't I care anymore

I can be your number one enimy

But cant stand to hear this

There are one-thousand other ways to solve your problems

And you chose that

So bleed

Bleed and sting

I wont even think about putting you under my wing

Not anymore

How can I make things better

If you wont even look my way

Maybe your better off doing that

Your choice

You wanna die

Your death

Not mine

I bet you wouldnt stop me if I told you my secret

So why should I help

I remember how you told me you would hold back


go ahead ruin your stupid life

I dont care anymore

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