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who should make the first move??


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It depends. If you know the guy likes you (or you have a hunch he does), then he might not be making a move because he doesn't know he should or could, so then the girl should make the first move to let the guy know that he won't get rejected.


Some guys like when a girl makes the first move too, because then he knows that she really likes him and isn't just getting to know him. After all, if the girl only notices a guy because he asked her out, then how special can he be to her if he had to make himself noticed?


By the way, dream19, I thought you already had a bf. :lol:

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He hinted and hinted and I was like he likes me cool and I hinted back that I was interested. I waited and waited men can be cute, so I felt I waited enough and after our 8th date yeah 8th ok I kissed him omg 8 dates later ain't that sweet. NOT :D
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