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The joke is over

Im standing here

Still not laughing

Just breathing a little heavier than I just was

How can I blame you for being a jerk?

when all i did was lie to you

All I did was talk. . .

And after every sentance hope you didnt realize there was no truth there


Feeling pretty stupid now

In my empty room


People are in my house

But I still feel like im the only one home


My heart feels like someone just took a knife to it

Then carved a pretty little hole

Because I can feel breeze going in and out of it

Once the wind stops

Its getting filled up with blood

Sinking to the bottom of my stomach


My conceince is making this situation 1000 times harder

The need to tell you what went wrong..

What really happened

Is burning under my skin


Chaos in my mind

Waiting to hear you say

"I cant beilive you would do something like that to me"

Sorry doesnt cut it

I know that

I've been living that reality


I keep saying all this stuff that I dont mean

Im right back to square one

Its like..im in eternal darkness

Your approval and care..is something i want more than the sun

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