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One thing that NEVER got old

Was hearing you say "Just so you know..I care"

That wont ever get old either

Not to me..but maybe to you


Time is going by

It wont stop, or wait for us to be happy

I learned that a long time ago...

But you wanna know something?

Thats okay

Because im doing fine

Im fine on my own


Since when did I need you to make me feel good inside?

I can do that by myself

I was so caught up in hearing what you had to say

That I was starting to stray

Stray from my own words and opinions


I cant put my finger on it

But for some reason your special

Do you know how hard it is to think about one person

80% of the day

Knowing they probally havent thought about you once


Yes it kills

Im recovering though

Im even starting to think

In the long run

You wont be there

In the end...you'll probally just be a crush..an old crush

Of coarse an old crush

What else would you be?

Not husband ..not a fiance` so why does it matter..?


Im good just relaxing

Not worring my life away

So now I thought you should know

I dont care if u leave or stay

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