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Sorry if this has a forum that it's supposed to go in. If it does, I don't know which it is.


I'm serious! I know of no other band director who acts like ours. He's a goofball. Last year, our show was titles "Indian Summer." It was about the seasons. Our teacher goes up to a tree, which has just started turning colors. He picks two leaves off, names them, and calls them our mascots. He gave them voices.


For visual confirmation of his antics, here are some photos taken by our pit instructor/webmaster:



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Off on another tangent, I was happy and all until I looked through today's pics from practice on that web site. I saw K sitting there, looking dejected while all of the other pics were full of people jacking around and generally having a good time. It always brings me down when she isn't smiling. The song playing in my playlist right now sums it all up. "When She Cries" by Blackhawk. The best line: "So I pray, this time, I can be the man that she deserves, 'cause I die a little each time when she cries." Yeah, the punctuation isn't right, but it's still great.

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