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Do you think drivers should be retested?

Mystic Rose

Retesting Drivers  

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I don't believe there should be an age limit on tests. You take the first test to get your license. You take the second test when you turn 21 or whatever it is. Give one or two more tests from 21 to 60. When you're over 60, you have to take the test every time.


No offense to anyone who is nearing 60, but I know many an older person who thinks they're a great driver, but they can't see well enough to be an accurate judge.


Off on another topic, they need to fix the tests for non-commercial drivers.


"Uh... Instructor! If I'm going to drive my Pinto, why do I need to know the maximum load of the rear axle on an 18-wheeler?"


Yeah... I forgot that a couple of seconds after reading it. Not sure if it's on the test, but it's in the Indiana driving manual.

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